Condensed matter Physics: critical phenomena, disordered systems, fractals; percolation, multifractality in percolation and in growth phenomena; hydrodynamic dispersion; droplet model and dynamical properties in Ising and Potts models.
Cellular Automata: Kauffman model, damage spreading, introduction of noise; dynamical transition in the Ising model and in spin glasses.
Statistical mechanics models for the fracture of heterogeneous media: lattice simulations and scaling laws.
Lattice models for the deep bed filtration at low Reynolds numbers.
Viscoelastic and relaxation properties at the sol-gel transition in chemical and physical gels. Glassy behaviour in colloidal gels. Kinetics of bond formation in crosslinked gelatin gels.
Self-Organized Criticality models with memory applied to seismic occurrence. Branching models with dynamical scaling for seismic forecasting. Magnitude correlations between seismic events.
Neuronal networks with synaptic plasticity for avalanche activity, signal power spectrum, waiting time distribution, on regular, small world and scale free networks. Learning dependence on plastic adaptation strength.
Large scale computer simulations, working experience in parallel and vectorial computing. Redaction of the project and realization of a 99 dual-processors cluster in Myrinet (630000 euro value) with EEC fundings.